omega masticating juicing machine

For most folks, health related resolutions are a popular topic. Lose weight, quit smoking, and exercising more are often the most common. Unfortunately, before the end of January a lot of these seem to have failed. One way to improve your overall health in the new year is to juice. We love it and swear by it, but getting started was a little daunting. Having a quality juicer can be a key factor in your success in sticking with it long term, it was for us. So as we roll into the new year we thought it would be a good idea to see which models are contending to be the top choice for your ktichen. The following juicing machines are some of the top rated options for those looking to trying juicing for the first time.

Masticating Juicer Brands

This method of juicing is slower and more deliberate. The juice is pressed and squeezed out of fruits and vegetables at a more methodical pace so this type of juicer will require slightly more patience. The payoff is a higher quality juice with less exposure to oxygen or heat build up. The best masticating juicers will give you a juice that you can store for a few days so you can make a lot of it at one time. They will also have a higher juice yield with not a lot going to waste. These types of juicing machines are perfect for those that can sacrifice a little more time for better quality. For juicing leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage, or wheatgrass, a masticating model is going to be the best juicer for the job.

Omega Juicers

Omega is another top juicer maker that gets very high ratings for their line of masticating juicers. They are not fast like the Breville models, but they do make a better quality juice. The other great thing about Omega models is that they are really quiet when juicing. If you live in a small place or you just do not like noise, then this is a better choice. Omega juicers are also great for getting a lot of juice out of leafy foods like kale. They may be a little more expensive, but if you can afford it, these can provide some extra advantages. They also come with long and extensive warranties.

Kuvings Juicers

Not as well known as Breville and Omega, Kuvings is a great alternative. They introduced a new upright masticating model that now has a wide feed chute, the only vertical masticator to currently have one. What does this mean? Well a large feed chute can handle larger sized foods, with less of a need to cut fruits and vegetables into sizes small enough to fit inside of the juicer. This, in turn, saves time.

Tribest Juicers

This company also has a very nice line of juicers. Their masticating juicers get very good ratings from users and their new upright, the Slowstar, is quite the eye catcher. Sharp red and black that really stands out in any kitchen.

Centrifugal Juicing Brands

A centrifugal juicer is a terrific option for anyone who just does not want to spend a lot of time juicing. These machines are exceptionally fast (and loud) and will give you a nice glass of juice with little effort. Their main drawbacks are noise, leafy green juice yield, and oxidation. When using a centrifugal juice extractor you should consume the juice right away as it tends to spoil quicker. If you are constantly on the go this is the type of machine you need. There is really only one brand you should consider as well. Breville is by far the best maker of centrifugal juicers and they have a high end line of machines for just about every budget.

Breville Juicers

Having a fast and convenient juicing machine can be a key component for sticking with it for a lot of people. Breville makes some of the easiest machines to use. Their centrifugal juicers are extremely fast and powerful, are simple to use and easy to clean. They are also some of the best customer rated fast juicers on the market. Typically their one major downside is how loud they can be. But being so fast, they are only loud for a few minutes, and then you are done. They have a wide range of juicers that vary in price and features, but they are all excellent juice extractors that are well built and dependable. Great choice for beginner juicers.

What Type of Juicer Should I Choose?

Fortunately, the juicer market has a variety of high quality models to choose from. Any juicer is better than no juicer, so you really can’t go wrong with any of the makers listed above. These are generally the most popular juicers out their that get high praise from owners. Make this your best year yet and take control of your health and well being with a new juicing machine. The benefits of juicing can be dramatic and your body will thank you, you just have take the leap and try it out.



Similar to green smoothies, green juice too has completely taken over. Easy to make and delightfully refreshing, they enrich the body with numerous health benefits. One can make them in bulk and keep them refrigerated for the week, or simply whip up some green goodness when laziness comes calling. The key to working up a green juice that does not taste like medicine is to even out herbs and greens with sweet flavored substances like green apple, pineapple or cucumber.

The following green juice recipes are packed with enough wellness-promoting properties and flavor to suit one and all. If you do not yet own a juicer extractor then it is something worth looking into.

Sweet Cucumber

This green juice recipe involves a mix of healthy ingredients, to the likes of cucumber, spinach and Fuji Apples to refresh the soul and nourish the body. What better to indulge in some body love than by gulping down healthy drinks like this one!

Main Ingredients

  • 4 fistfuls of spinach or Swiss chard
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 4 small-medium Fuji Apples
  • Two fistfuls of broccoli


Spinach is one of the most healthiest vegetables, as it is enriched with a wide array of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Therefore, it is known to have potent anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties too. Spinach supplies the body with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-complex, calcium, potassium, copper, zinc and loads of iron.

Secondly, cucumbers are the food for the dehydrated soul. They are cool, succulent and easy on the digestive system. Cucumbers also help to stabilize the BMR and fight against obesity. Consuming them in summer can preclude heat stroke, dehydration as well as rashes.

Broccoli on the other hand, is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It also acts as a potent antioxidant to combat free radicals and shield against DNA damage.

Kale Pineapple Mint

When the coolness of pineapple joins hands with the nutritional benefits of kale, the result is a delicious health drink that leaves the taste buds tingling for more. Easy to make and surprisingly tasty, this recipe is apt for people who are aiming to lose weight or to switch to a detox diet.

Main Ingredients:

  • One cucumber
  • One Granny Smith Apple
  • One Cup Pineapple
  • Three Kale Leaves
  • One fistful of Mint
  • 1/2 peeled Lemon


Kale is among the most nutritive foods out there. Skin-healing, cardiovascular support, immune boosting and bone-building are only few of its health benefits. Kale also aids in fighting harmful free radicals and causes detoxification of the system. Being loaded with anti-cancer components, it helps to evade life-threatening forms of cancer. Moreover, kale is one ingredient that is available in four different varieties. One can consume them in various ways to achieve a fitter and relaxed body.

The nutritional properties of pineapple cannot be undermined either. Known to compose the alkaline compound bromelain, it aids in bowel movement and is often associated with the reduction of pain and inflammation during arthritis, gout and osteoporosis.

Mint and lemon freshen up the body. Lemon is rich in ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and helps one to combat cold. Moreover, addition of lemon in this recipe makes it apt for weight-conscious people. This is simply because lemon helps to shed off obstinate fat.

Kale Apple Love

This simple green juice recipe is high on the health quotient. It combines the sweet taste of apples with the sourness of lemons to rinse the system of toxins and combat chronic infections.

Main Ingredients:

  • Three Kale Leaves
  • Five small- medium apples
  • 1/2 Lemon

Apples are a wonderful addition to a juice recipe. Apart from making the perfect base for juices, they also come loaded with a wide spectrum of nutrients, right from vitamins and polyphenols to malic acid and minerals. Important health benefits of apples include detoxification, digestion aid, improved skin, cholesterol lowering and higher energy levels, in general. Fortunately, apples come in multiple varieties. Favorite ones to incorporate in juices include galas, fujis as well as pink lady apples. While the ‘Red Delicious’ variety is rich is sugar, the ‘Granny Smith’ type has a low sugar content.

Spring Cooler

While many health drinks are overwhelming on the taste buds, this one begs to differ. It is fresh, sweet, cool and healthy, all at the same time!

Main Ingredients:

  • One Fuji apple
  • One cucumber
  • 1/2 inches Ginger Root
  • One small fistful of Mint

This recipe is certainly one curious mixture of ingredients. The high water content of cucumber hydrates the body and restores mineral balance to normal cellular levels. Cucumber’s main three phytonutrients are cucurbitacins, flavonoids and lignans. These act to tighten the skin and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, they endow several antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits on the body.

Ginger is considered to be the healing substance for cold sores, chronic infection and insect bites. It also corrects problems of asthma and maintains normal blood pressure of an individual.

Lean Green Juice

This recipe features not one or two, but several healthy ingredients. While basil and cilantro are added for their health benefits, apple is included for its flavor and cucumber, for its coolness. The end result is a lip-smacking health drink that keeps one recharged throughout the day.

Main Ingredients:

  • One Cucumber
  • Two Celery Ribs
  • Two Apples
  • Four Sprigs of Basil
  • One Handful of Cilantro

Lastly, this green juice recipe involves two essential herbs that one should always incorporate in the diet, i.e cilantro and basil. Basil possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It protects the cell from the lethal effects of DNA damage and even cushions it from osmotic shock. Moreover, it has a prominent role to play in the normal functioning of heart. Cilantro on the other hand is rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal compounds. These have a dangerous effect on Salmonella, the causative pathogen of typhoid. Cilantro is also widely known for its cleansing properties. It detoxifies the body of heavy metals and supports the immunity system. Due to its ability to reduce blood sugar, it is often cited as an indispensable component of the diabetic diet.

It is always a good idea to invest in a decent juicer. This ensures the incorporation of green juices in the regular diet. Although juicers can get pricey rather fast, one need not require a sophisticated juicer for moderate juicing.



The Kuvings NJE-3580U is a multi-purpose single-gear masticating juicer designed to provide a quality juice with as little hassle as possible. The 170W motor operates the machine at 80RPM and “slow” juices produce by crushing, squeezing and pressing fruits and vegetables to extract the maximum amount of liquid without any nutrient loss or oxidation. The slower speeds of masticating juicers also means the machine will not produce a lot of noise compared to a centrifugal juicer.

This model is also versatile and comes with 6 other nozzle attachments to process different foods and is able to extrude pasta, grind nuts, herbs and spices as well as juice a wide array of soft and hard fruits and vegetables.

Product Features

170W 80RPM Motor – This model methodically and quietly juices produce and slower speeds which helps maintain the integrity of the nutrients of the juice. It gets the most out of what you put into it.

Food Safe Durable Materials – Hygienic, durable and quality materials used in construction. This unit was built to last and to perform for years.

Attachment Nozzles – Comes with 7 total nozzles for juicing, extruding pasta, grinding coffee, mincing herbs and more.

5 Year Warranty – Juice with peace of mind that your unit is protected.

What Do Customers Say About This Juicer?

The Good:

Reviews of this model have been very impressive with a majority of owner leaving high praise. Some of the aspects of this juice that users like include:

Performance: Owners are happy with the juice that comes out of this juicer. It seems to perform as advertised. It does well with leafy greens and even wheatgrass and generally produces a high juice yield and leaving behind relatively dry pulp.

Noise: Generally quiet and pleasant to operate, especially early in the morning or late at night when others might be sleeping.

Clean Up: Owners for the most part do not have problems cleaning this unit.

Value: Masticating juicers tend to be more expensive than centrifugal juicers, and this is one of the more affordable masticating machines. Buyers really like the bang for the buck they receive from this model.

What Could Be Better:

This unit is not as popular or well known as some of the other masticating type juicers, so there are not as many reviews out there as compared to the others. We searched various online retailers and we did not really come across a whole lot of negativity regarding this model. Some of the minor things brought up;

Small Feed Chute: A few owners expressed their desire to have a feed tube that could accommodate larger fruits and vegetables so that they would spend less time having them to cut them into smaller pieces.

Instruction Manual: We came across one reviewer who brought up a small point about how the manual was a little lacking.

Comparisons: Some owners who owned other masticating juicers seemed to views this as a budget machine that does a really nice job juicing but just didn’t quite “WOW” them as some of the more expensive options that they had owned.


The Kuvings NJE-3580U is a versatile and more than capable unit that provides value and a nice price point for those who would like to take advantage of what a masticating juicer has to offer. It has received high praise from owners and averages a rating of around 4.5 stars out of 5. This unit is a very solid performer.