When we think of small kitchen appliances like blenders or your standard centrifugal juicer we often think of how loud they are to operate, but that does not always have to be the case. While most juicers are going to be so loud that you are sure to not only wake the baby, but perhaps a few neighbors as well, there is one particular model that stands out for how little ruckus it makes. The Omega VSJ843, however, is one juicing machine that can operate at whisper quiet speeds and let you keep up with a healthy diet.

Perhaps the best rated juicer when it comes to noise levels, the VSJ843 also produces very high juice yields and is really good with leafy veggies. If you enjoy kale, wheatgrass, and spinach, then this juice extractor would be an excellent choice. Even though it is somewhat pricey, this Omega juicer has a lot of things going for it. Here is a quick review.

Features Of The VSJ843

Auto-Cleaning System

The Omega VSJ483 Juicer has a blade which it uses to continually wipe the screen while in use so as to prevent pulp from congesting, thus maintaining juicing efficiency. All you have to do after juicing is pour some water into the machine so as to get bigger chunks of pulp and residue out of the juicer.

Juice Spout

The juicer has a rather small but highly convenient spout tap which eases work by making it easy for juice to flow into the juice container. Simply open this tap to allow juice to flow easily into the juice container and when you are done, close the tap. This feature prevents spills and dripping when changing containers or even when moving the juicer.

43RPM Juicing Speed

Omega VSJ843 has very low juicing speed which is recommended for juicers because low speed juicing lessens oxidation and heat build-up so as to protect the nutrients in the juice. This ensures that the juice can be stored for long periods without going bad and also has a quality taste. This feature also ensures that the juicer operates on a silent mode.

Double Edged Auger

A double edged Auger ensures that the juice ingredients are smashed thoroughly and also aids in increasing the overall efficiency of the juicer by allowing the machine to handle large amounts of work at very low speeds. This feature also ensures the juicer runs quietly.

Additional Drain Rack and Nut Milk Bag

This juicer has a drain rack included which ensures there is enough counter space and produce area for any kitchen size. It also has a nut milk bag which aids in straining pulp from fresh juices and also making home-made nut milk.


Can Juice A Wide Range Of Ingredients.

As mentioned earlier, this juicer can juice various juicing ingredients which is an advantage because it offers the greatest health benefits to the user and is also comes handy during a juice fast.

Easy To Maintain

This additional spout ensures that there are no drips and spills on your kitchen counter when you finish juicing. This tap also allows the juicer to hold up water during cleaning time, making it easier for the silicon wiper blades to do their cleaning thorough. The Omega VSJ843 Juicer comes with a wiper blade which constantly wipes the juice screen so as to prevent pulp from building up hence maintaining juicing efficiency. The user is only required to pour water into the machine and it will clean itself up.

Ease of Use

This machine is easy to handle because, instead of the usual twisting and locking of the motor body that is common in juicers, all that is required is a simple push down vertically and it will be in place.


This juicer comes with a 15 year warranty, the longest of any machine on the market. You can rest assured that your investment is protected and should something go wrong you can get it fixed for years to come

High Nutrition and Less Pulp in the Juice

Unlike most vertical slow juicers, this type of juicing machine produces juice that has less pulp because it is specially designed with a special juicing screen that ensures pulp is broken down into fine consistency. Since the juicer operates at low speeds of 43RPMs, it guarantees no buildup of heat or oxidation thus promoting long lasting and nutrient rich juices.



The VSJ843 is new to the market and it comes with a very high price tag hence making it uneconomical to users who intend to save on household machines.

Can Jam When Juicing Hard Vegetables.

Users should take caution when trying to juice carrots and any hard vegetables because the machine can easily jam when juicing them.

This Omega VSJ843 review should help shed some light on why is not completely perfect but it is the best vertical slow juicer in the market, with its quiet operation being one of the most desired features it has. Anyone looking for the best juicer that is almost whisper quiet will find this Omega juicer ideal.

Child Safety

Chicco convertible car seat

Convertible car seats can be really expensive. For any parent on a budget (which is most of us) it can be a rather daunting task to find something that is safe that your child will enjoy riding in, all without breaking the bank. Then there is the added cost of buying a booster seat when they outgrow their current convertible seat. But there are a few bright spots out there that can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. All-in-one seats that can be used for infants all they up to the time your child is big enough to use a regular seat belt are the answer that a number of parents have been searching for. While you might have to pay a little more now, the convenience of having to buy only one seat will pay off for years to come.

One such child seat that parents absolutely love to use is the Chicco NextFit Zip. This all purpose convertible car seat has tremendous features that make it easy to install, and maintain. With a 10 year lifespan, it better be able to stand up to wear and tear, and from the feedback we have seen, it does just that.

Chicco NextFit Zip Features

A Nine-Position Leveling ReclineSure Feature: This feature inarguably makes this unit tops amongst car seats with the highest number of recline options thus guaranteeing a perfect and accurate fit within a wide range of cars.

RidgeRight Dual Level-Indicators: A feature designed with two bubble levels for indicating the correct seat angle for both the forward as well as the rare facing modes. This ensures maximum security for the little ones

SuperCinch Latch Tightener: Too much of tightening effort is uncalled for when handling car seats. The above-mentioned feature features a force-multiplying technology that helps mothers achieve the right fit with just a fraction of an effort.

Removable Infant Insert: There is nothing that guarantees your baby better support than the addition of extra padding. This feature does just that and helps support the infants in the rear-facing mode from as little as 5 pounds in weight.

Height-Adjustable Headrest: Coming with an adjustable 6-position height support, your child will be able to grow with the seat till that age or body weight when they need a car seat no more.

Automatic Harness Adjustment: The five-point harness has been designed to automatically adjust with the raised headrest thus accommodating the shoulders of your growing child.

3D AirMesh: A new design that features technical performance fabric designed to facilitate for airflow through a matrix of channels thus offering a comfortable ride throughout the journey. Together with the specially designed seat pad, the child received maximum air on the backrest where they need it most, courtesy of maximum ventilations and breathability.

Additional Highlights

FAA Approved: On the left side of the seat just by the angle indicator, you will find the FAA approval of the product.

Manual Storage: The product comes with an easy to find storage cubby that is also easy to use.

Lifespan: The 10-year expiration period of this piece of engineering work makes it one of the products that serve parents for the longest possible periods. At the bottom of the seat, you will find the date of manufacture.


  • An exclusive machine-washable seat pad that you can easily unzip and remove.
  • ComfortFlex Harness system that holds either side of the waist belt out and up when being loaded as well as keeping them in the desired spot when the baby is just ready for buckling.
  • One of the easiest convertible car seats to use on a daily basis. Super easy to install and get your child in and out of.
  • Features a two-position crotch buckle
  • No re-thread harness
  • Comes with a 2-position chest clip
  • Features seat belt lock offs
  • Flexibility guaranteed by the 9-recline settings
  • Fits a wide range of children in a wide range of vehicles.


  • On the lower settings, the harness has proven under some instances to be a little bit difficult to tighten.
  • Higher upfront cost that pays dividends for years to come.


It is not easy being a parent. There is a lot to learn about car seats and it can be quite overwhelming at first. Luckily the quality of today’s car seats means that it hard to make a mistake. If you are looking for an easy to maintain, simple to use, and safe convertible child safety seat then perhaps the Chicco NextFit Zip is the best option on the market. Its “Zip” feature makes it a breeze to remove the seat pad and drop in the washing machine to take care of those weekly spills and messes. Unsurpassed safety features and innovations mean that your child is going to be protected while the materials, cup holders, and design will give your little one a comfortable ride that they will enjoy.

The added benefit of this model is that it is also designed to be used as a booster seat meaning that you will only have to buy one seat for your child throughout their early years. With a 10 year life cycle, this NextFit Zip is the only safety seat your family will ever need.

Exercise & Fitness


Most of the weight that you gained during your pregnancy will shred off naturally. But you must accept the fact that pregnancy also alters your body in a permanent way. So do not expect to look exactly like your pre-pregnancy self. Instead, accept the fact that you have just experienced the most defining moment of your life and have emerged better and more beautiful than before.

It’s very easy to panic when your body is not losing those extra pounds gained during pregnancy. But when you start understanding your body, you will become aware of many things within yourself that will boost your weight loss. After about 4-7 weeks of giving birth, you will notice your belly shrinking to nearly its former size. This is as a result of contraction of your uterus. This is good news to you as some weight will be lost during this period.

At the same time, if you are nursing your baby, you are in store for some more weight loss. So how do you end up losing those remaining pounds after pregnancy? Take a look.

Dietary Concerns

To start with check on the quality and quantity of food that you intake. As a nursing mother, it is advisable to eat a nutritious diet that provides about 1800-2000 calories. Please do not try to diet at this time. It will do more harm than good. Remember that you are now eating for two, so eat carefully.

Also, keep in mind that if you do choose to diet, it will not have any effect on your milk quality and quantity. This will be because your body will draw upon your on reserves to do so and may in turn lead to their depletion. This can not only prove an obstacle in your weight loss journey but at the same time, it may hamper your recovery as well. Dieting is among the worst things you can do for losing weight after pregnancy.

Instead chose to eat a healthy and nutritious diet. You must include whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables and fish in your diet. It is very important for a new mother to stay hydrated. It’s advisable to take at least eight glasses of water. This will keep your refreshed and avoid dehydration. Also, add in your diet important vitamins and minerals to help you recover better.

Physical Fitness

Exercising also plays a crucial role in your weight loss after pregnancy. Your recovery would be faster if you had exercises during pregnancy. At the same time being active will help you after pregnancy also. Start from low-impact exercises and then gradually move to high impact ones. But before you decide to start with any exercising, consult your doctor. Usually, new moms start exercising after about 6 weeks of giving birth. IF you had a C-section, then you may need to wait for up to 8 weeks.


The perfect low impact workout can be achieved by simply walking. A sustained walk is a wonderful way to burn calories and it will also help reduce stress. This is why a lot of parent look into buying a new stroller. If you are looking to get serious about getting out and about for the purpose of losing some weight, a jogging stroller can provide added benefits for both you and your little one. These are made with bigger air-filled tires that can help you step up your work out by going on more challenging trails. The tires and suspension will make controlling the stroller easier while giving your child the comfort that it needs to enjoy the walk with you. Having a running stroller also enables you to safely increase the pace once you build up your fitness level.

You do not need to purchase the best jogging stroller on the market in order to take advantage of the health benefits that using one of these can provide. If you just want something to go at a smooth and steady pace, then you should be able to find a jogger that will fit nicely into your budget. Walking is a great place to start, and when combined with a sensible diet, it can offer you a smart way to drop some of those unwanted pounds while making you feel better as you get back into shape.

Losing weight after pregnancy demands a lot of hard work and patience. It requires a wholehearted diligent effort on your part. Make a plan. Remember, it will avoid all the hassles you may face later on. At the same time, factors like family support also keep you motivated for the battle against the bulge. So indulge your family members, friends and especially your spouse in your plan.